About Us

Anderson Security, Inc. is tremendously proud of the fact that we are not just a security company but "A Total Security Company" that takes pride in being "First in Security." Anderson Security was founded by Robert and Gaye Anderson in 1980 and for the past 33 years has continued to grow and provide a "Total Security" approach to the Miami Valley and surrounding areas.

We take pride in the fact that we offer a wide range of services including, physical security, parking lot security, event security, school intervention officers, trained supervision, State of Ohio registered officers, pre-employment backgrounds, and investigative services, along with intrusion alarm systems division. We also offer security vulnerability assessments, security consultation and management training programs in sexual harassment and workplace violence.

By being flexible and diverse we are able to customize any program or service that we offer to meet the needs and specifications or our clients or our prospective clients.

Our management team works together to insure that we remain "First in Security" and that we continue to "…make every effort to meet or exceed our clients and employees expectations with quality service and attention to detail that exceeds professional standards.