Team Leadership

president and co-owner

Gaye N. Anderson is President and co-owner of Anderson Security Incorporated along with her husband Robert A. Anderson. Gaye Anderson’s background in finance brought a wealth of experience in office management and fiscal responsibility, which ensured the success of Anderson Security. Throughout the twenty-three years Anderson Security has been in business she has overseen all aspects of the day-to-day operations along with her primary responsibilities of the corporations chief financial officer. The success of Anderson Security has been and continues to be Gaye N. Anderson’s commitment to detail and her dedication to improving the quality of the industry.

chairman and co-owner

Robert A. Anderson is Chairman and co-owner of Anderson Security Incorporated along with his wife, Gaye N. Anderson. Anderson Security Incorporated was founded in 1980 after Robert had worked in both the public and private sector of law enforcement for several years. From the beginning Anderson Security strived to attract quality clients in the Miami Valley who were willing to pay more to insure that the security industry could attract and maintain competent security officer’s by offering a competitive wage in excess of the governments minimum wage. Robert has been very active within the industry on the local, state and national levels and has held elected office at all three levels and was one of the first in the state to be awarded the Certified Protection Professional Certificate from the American Society of Industrial Security. For the past twenty-three years Anderson Security Incorporated under the guidance of Robert A. Anderson has provided a quality level of service by maintaining quality security officer’s, supervisors and management personnel. Robert A. Anderson is committed to maintaining the highest level of the Security Industry standards now and into the future.